Lots of tweaking. You can't miss a beat!

Lots of tweaking. You can’t miss a beat!

Lots of my work lately has been heavy fine tuning.

Improving my networking, making the Live Webinars just better, working out how to sell more of my ‘Awesome Marketing Vault’ and lots of self reflection and thinking.

In all of my work lately it’s been not so much doing ‘massive things’, but tons of little things every day to keep things moving. Sometimes it drives me slightly insane, however most of the time it’s been awesome, fun and it’s great being in the zone.

What I have found lately (especially with the Online side of things) is that you have to keep searching for the angle that seems to work. I have found that sometimes you use some messaging that just doesn’t work – but you tweak it, and then all of a sudden you get signups, likes, engagement and things start happening.

It’s been a lot of tweaking, testing, measuring and working out the exactly formula of what does work, what gets results and what makes it happen.¬†This can be as simple (yet hard) of changing just one word or even more, changing whole messaging, ideas and processes to get sign ups.

One favourite challenge for me lately (which I have almost overcome, yay!) is filling my webinars. For a short while there I was getting minimal bookings and now they have picked up big time due to changes in almost everything to improve it. This includes the Facebook Posts, the Webinar Landing Page, the topics and even the email reminders bringing people in.

My advice and friends? When you get into your Business, tweaking is a massive thing that we do. The better, faster and harder we do it – the quicker we can smile and succeed. Be improving always and you will continue to grow.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!



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