Legend (Image Credit, Wikipedia Commons)

Legend (Image Credit, Wikipedia Commons)

It’s been an awesome strong 6 months plus in which I have studied many areas of Western Civilisation including Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, Extreme Lefties, Fringe Groups like BLM and even spent enough time getting into the rhetoric we see from Obama and Clinton.

When you study their rhetoric and approach – you don’t often see lots of ‘successful’ people in these areas. With exception to the leaders of their movements, it only takes watching a clips on YouTube to see ‘Lefties’ as a group of privileged middle class kids (who do group up keeping a similar mindset) that lash out and complain against society.

You hear them talking about anything stopping them from winning in life and they have awesome buzz words on anything from ‘Institutionalised Oppression’ right through to the ‘Patriarchy’ and they couldn’t get anything in life because they are X Y or Z. It’s been a fascinating journey of understanding this side of society which forever reason I am totally drawn to watching videos of them on YouTube getting up to their crazy antics. I have found in short that what these people have in common is:

– They blame everything for their own results but never themselves.

You then jump across and study the super winners and successful people throughout time. In this positive turn of the tables, I have been getting into (just lately) Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, Sylvester Stallone, Trump and always been into the awesome Judge Judy (also talking Australia, I have always been a massive fan of Cathy Freeman).

The list goes on and as you study the winners of society that have made it, you get a totally different vibe. Instead of being the people earlier that sit back and complain about everything, these are the type of people that take care and do something about it.

One of my favourite heroines is Margaret Thatcher. I am only new to her story, but it’s a timeless tale of the daughter of a grocer that rises to become one of the key characters that turned posted World War II United Kingdom into a powerhouse that it has come back to today. There are countless stories, but if you were to really simplify this, you notice that what these people have in common is:

– They blame themselves for their own results and DO something about it.

If Margaret Thatcher was let’s say a modern day ‘Social Justice Leftie’, she would probably visit a few protests and pump out funny stuff on Twitter thinking she was making a ‘change’. But no she wasn’t. She wasn’t called the ‘Iron Lady’ for no reason. She took charge, took personal responsibility and rose to the top.

And she kicked butt.

My advice and thinking? Besides thinking Margaret Thatcher is AWESOME, you will rarely see victims who are winners. Sure, some are popular and have used their victimhood narrative as part of their attention seeing, but almost always the people who anyone would consider ‘successful’ (and I mean beyond money) are the ones who take life by the horns and create something new.

If you are a Margaret Thatcher newbie like me (I have lots to learn), watch her clips on YouTube of her shredding socialists in Parliament. It’s a blast lol!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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