Where I have learned some of life's greatest wisdom!

Where I have learned some of life’s greatest wisdom!

Whenever I talk Marketing in a workshop or speaking session, I usually go through some ground work and basics. One of the key concepts I hit the audience with that brings a chill and a liberating smile is when we say “Survive, Adapt, Win” as the core of our advice.

When I apply this to business & marketing, it basically translates too “Don’t run out of money, improve / change all the time and get the edge however you can”.

Someone actually asked me where I learned this from. I wanted to say this was part of my Post Graduate in Marketing at Monash University, however it was actually through a fantastic game called “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified”.

In short this game is set in the 60’s, you are a Federal Agent and aliens invade. The aliens are way stronger than us humans and the game is all about you trying not to die, stealing their technology and using it against them in an epic showdown between man and alien.

It was a totally fun game and this served as a useful metaphor for me in business. I remember starting out and having no money. I needed a job to pay the bills, rent and food (survive). My original elevator pitch sucked and I had to improve it (adapt). I then got tons of awesome clients (win).

Some years later when things were rocking, I learned funny saying that gave me an amusing take on the issue. I have quoted my video game advice to at least hundreds of people now with critical acclaim and love.

My advice and thinking? Always be changing and improving. The market moves very quickly and our clients demand the best. Make sure you have the best goods in town to offer them.

Love your work, stay awesome and thank you XCOM for the great business advice (lol).



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