Love Star Wars Commander! Keeps me very sane.

Love Star Wars Commander! Keeps me very sane.

It’s 9:58PM as I write this blog tonight. I have been up since 5AM but was lucky to get 45 minutes of an ‘afternoon nap’ to restore my creativity and flair.

For me I am very grateful with how business and life is going. Business is great, getting tons of new high value clients and after years of doing this – the job just comes ‘easier’ than the old days.

I have been doing some top hours and in my line of work it’s very ‘peak and trough’. Some days it’s working for a few hours and chilling – with sometimes being crazy days like this.

The reality is that client demands, events and opportunities often come at hours that suits their schedule and I do what I can to fit in and enjoy what comes my way.

What I have personally learned in this whole process is that you have to stay sane without taking anything that may be contraband or eating yourself silly (like I used too).

For me with a massive workload, I have several things to keep me sane:

  1. My awesome wife. God bless her!
  2. My cat. God bless him.
  3. Loving my job. God bless that.
  4. Star Wars Commander. God bless George Lucas!

It’s a great game that I love playing and it has hundreds of thousands worldwide playing it at once. You can go the Rebels or the Empire (I have gone the bad guys) and it’s all about blowing up other people’s based around the world (and trying to keep yours in one piece).

I love it, it’s tons of fun and it keeps me sane! I am really good at it now too. The best in my squad of 30.

My advice and learnings? Find what it is that keeps you sane. Whenever I need a break, a bit of Star Wars Commander keeps me totally sane.

Find your thing to take breaks and make your job just fun. You will love it, people will find you funny and it shall keep you totally energized.

Love it, thanks for the read, thank you George Lucas and Disney + stay awesome!



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