The bold, the few and the elite - love successful people!

The bold, the few and the elite – love successful people!

Whenever we put on events (over the years) we have always had a turnout rate of 40 – 50%. That is, if I want say 15 people in a room – get 30 bookings. This played out exactly today in that we had 30 book into our latest Profitable Marketing Forum with the top people coming to join us. This ran from 9AM to 1PM in North Sydney today and we loved it!

One thing that has always gone through my mind is people that don’t show to events like this. I would imagine say some of them would have totally legitimate reasons (e.g. client demands), however I know what some just tragically aren’t that committed to success.

Talking to the positive, if you get people that give up half their day to learn new ideas to help them succeed – their actions have proved that they want to succeed.

Thinking about it on a deeper level, anyone can spend money here and there. However, few people can really allocate their time and effort to something they believe in. There is a lot of reasons for this which I think can include:

– A drive to support their family.

– A genuine appeal to being successful.

– Professionals that know they need continual development.

– Those that know ‘success’ in a temporary state of mind.

To me, ‘success’ is one of those very fluid terms. We can be highly successful and lose it for whatever reason. However those that continue to strive for success against defeat, setbacks and fatigue are the true ones that totally impress me.

Like the people who came to our Forum today, they are the rare ones that choose to be successful. No one stopped them from coming and no one made them go. They chose too on their own voluntary basis.

My advice and lessons from today? Being successful is a massive choice. It requires discomfort (at times), can be inconvenient but is highly rewarding. The people that are like this make decisions on a very different basis to the rest of the population (hence why often a few people in the room control most of the wealth).

If you want to be more successful in life my big advice is to think carefully about the decisions you make everyday. My life used to suck. I changed my decisions and now it’s rocking.

Thanks to those who came today, love your work and stay awesome!



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