Annie Sophia rocks. You can tell when you meet her.It has been said many times that I have developed a strong eye for talent. One reason for that I think is that I have been tragically let down so many times, but also impressed many times. 

I have started to really notice those who deliver against those that don’t and the ‘level of passion’ one exudes is a key indicator of this. With two of my awesome clients today, we were having this exact conversation. They have great suppliers and not so great suppliers and we spoke about the topic of ‘Trust Based Selling’. That is when you develop trust with a supplier to the point, you treat them like ‘family’ and within reason let me do what they need to do.

What prompted this blog was a visit with my awesome wife and I do Manly over the weekend. We have family visiting from Hong Kong and what do you do?

Get them on the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. As we walked there to meet them, we were privileged to bump into Annie Sophia. She is fun, cool and incredibly stylish and a top Presentation & Style Consultant / Coach. You know she is brilliant purely by the way she dresses, behaves and conducts herself at networking events. *You know* she is an elite and this got me thinking on why she is so easy to spot:

– Annie walks the talk and practice what she preaches.

– She is out there in the market continually.

– Her Facebook videos prove her knowledge.

– You can tell she actually cares greatly about her profession (beyond the money).

There are key traits that make her a very obvious trusted leader.

My advice and thinking? Develop an eye for talent. Work out the ones you can trust and the ones you can move on from. Mark Kyte, Martha Arifin, Annie, Phillip Raish and co are all trusted friends and leaders that know their stuff. They all have a lot in common too. Passion, creativity and talent.

Don’t make my mistakes! Be careful who you work with and pick elites like Annie and Co. Your clients and your bank account shall thank you for it.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Watch this space. Annie is up to some top secret big projects in town.



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