Show Me the Money! All great clients relationships are a pure Win Win. You deliver high value and they pay you for that high value!

Show Me the Money! All great clients relationships are a pure Win Win. You deliver high value and they pay you for that high value!

Hello Awesome People!

When I started out in Business, I got some great Business Mentoring advice off a great man by the name of Jim Vass from ATB Partners. I had little to no Clients at the Time and I was busy meeting people and Working Hard at getting my first few new base of Clients.

Jim gave me some Sage Advice at the Start, almost asking this same trick Question I ask to clients today:

[Jim]: So Edward do you want more Clients?

[Green Edward]: Yes, Jim of course! I’d love some Clients.

[Jim]: Would you like a stack of Clients that don’t pay your Invoices and Waste your Time?

[Confused Edward]: Ahh, No Jim I wouldn’t.

[Jim]: So you want High Value Clients that will pay you?

[Penny Dropped Edward]: Ah, of course! Yes, I want the best Clients only!

This was a great Advice and to this day it has become the Core of what I advise Clients. When it comes to Marketing, anyone can get *Clients* and I know that anyone who has been in Business for a while, would know what it’s like to get Ripped Off by someone not Paying.

It can be quite Upsetting for many when this happens, and although we have things like Awesome VA’s to do the follow up and Debt Collectors Ultimately – they are really the last Resort Solutions that can be better Prevented. Going back to Jim’s Awesome Advice, he also made continual Reference too over the years of being able to “Pick” the Right Clients. You may Choose not to work with certain Clients if you feel that Payment is going to be an Issue. Obviously this is not good for your Business.

Bringing it back to Marketing, what is really Important is that you have obviously enough Clients coming through (so you aren’t desperate and have the choice to pick and choose) but you also are Attracting the Right people as Awesome as yourself.

Let’s face it, you have worked hard, Learned your Craft for years, are Brilliant at what you do and even more so – you are all about Delivering High Value for your Clients in your Products and Services. It’s only Fair that you get Paid (and of course legally binding) so it’s Pure Win / Win for everyone.

My advice and lessons on this? Get lots of Clients, you will always get Bad Payers every now and then – but do your best to only work with people as cool as yourself. Market with a Strong, Distinct and cool Image so you Repel the not so Awesome as well.

So as our Scientologist friend says, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!



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