Especially when we get traction and success, 'Meeting after Meeting' is common place. The trick is staying focused, positive and 'In the Zone'. It's not only profitable, its just more fun when we do!

Especially when we get traction and success, ‘Meeting after Meeting’ is common place. The trick is staying focused, positive and ‘In the Zone’. It’s not only profitable, its just more fun when we do!

Hello Awesome People!

For most of us Awesome Small Business Owners (and even large Corporates for that matter), “Meetings” are a Critical part of what we do. Be it meeting Clients, Potential Clients, Suppliers, doing “Secret Squirrel Deals” and the like – the more Meetings the Better.

Being in the “Consulting / Mentoring Space”, the more Meetings I have, the Bigger my Business Becomes. I am Booked quite in Advanced these days (which I am really Grateful for) and the Positive Challenge has been Keeping Up. I may meet with Clients, Potential Clients or Partners and some days I have had 8 x Hours of Meetings (say from 7AM Breakfasts to Evening Events).

This can be quite tiring, in that Respect and although it’s a fun Experience, it can be Emotionally Challenging. Be it you are meeting with people who are Stressed Out and Need Support, you may be Confronting Serious Business / Personal Issues, or it’s just a matter of the long hours catching up with you, it is not always easy getting through the day as a Mentor.

From more of a Sales Viewpoint and not so much of a “Marketing Viewpoint”, despite Long Days & Fatigue – I have really been working on “Staying in the Zone”. That is, let’s say you are Tired, bad things Happen or whatever the Case maybe, keeping your “Head in the Game” I find is just so Super Critical. Maintaining good health and endurance is important too.

Why? It’s Critical to stay in the Right Mind Set, Positive Mood, Helpful and Focused in these Meetings. When we are, we Deliver a better job, can pick up more Opportunities and Ultimately have a Great Conversion rate when it comes to selling.

My advice & lessons from this one? Be it you need some Mindset work or not, it’s really Important to Focus Emotions in the right Direction and stay “Productive & Positive” throughout the day. Be it you have a Major Change with things at Home, to more just the way you Think – you can be the best “Marketer” ever, but if you can’t have Consistently Positive and Driven meetings, it won’t Convert the way we need it.

I find personally, forgetting about our own Personal Issues and Focusing our Energy into the other Person’s Issues and Problems / World, is the Best way to go about things. If you are 100% Focused on Understanding in Helping someone Else, it makes your day much more Enjoyable and fulfilling.

The more we can “Stay in the Zone” the more we can Smile and Enjoy Productive & Profitable Results.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!



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