The Awesome Katrena Friel gave some great advice on Personal Selling in tonight's Webinar. Impressive and outstanding!

The Awesome Katrena Friel gave some great advice on Personal Selling in tonight’s Webinar. Impressive and outstanding!

Hello Awesome People!

Katrena Friel is a cool, collected and very Awesome Operator. I was lucky to work with her tonight in our Live Webinar “Mastering the Psychology of Selling for More High Value Clients”. She is an Executive Coach and Sales specialist who has a very different take on Selling than I do. I come at it as a “Marketer”, she comes from a “Mindset / Coaching” Viewpoint.

(If you are interested in the Webinar Recording too, it is stored in “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!)

From working with the Awesome Katrena tonight in the Webinar, we may have Agreed on most things, Disagreed on others and from my High Level of Respect for her, I definitely walked away a much Richer for the Experience. When it comes to Selling, she Reinforced / Taught me some great Points which I’d love to share them with you:

1. Mindset & View of Selling: Katrena made a Great Point about the General Population having a Negative view of Salespeople. I Agree with this one in that the Strange Dichotomy is that we have to “Sell” in our Business, but even though we may Equally not like Salespeople on a Deeper Level. Getting over this, and Approaching selling as an “Educator” rather, is everything in this regard!

2. Turning Your Energy Up & Down: I really Admire how Katrena looked at things from the a Different Perspective in Mirroring Personalities. The Idea being is to turn one’s “Energy Up” for Higher Energy people or Down for more “Direct” type of people. When it comes to me as an example, I am Quite Direct and Focused in my Approach. I have Noticed that Katrena would Quite often Adapt to my Energy when we meet, and I quite like this! By Turning Up / Down your energy Level to Match the person you are Conversing with can really make the situation a lot more Comfortable for both Parties.

3. Talk or Cut to the Chase: Loved this Point! When you are in front of someone who is Direct, you pick up the Vibe and don’t Mess around. Often if someone wants to have a Chit/Chat, then you may also Feel Compelled to Reciprocate back, all depending on who you are trying to sell to. A Great Insight on this one!

4. Realize the Steps of Selling: In many Cases, usually people do not Purchase in just one Meeting. It takes multiple Meetings / Opportunities / Over Time to get through the Process until they are ready to Buy. I Liked this one! The Last thing you want to do is just Try and Close in the first Meeting, which might just be a great way of upsetting people and it just wouldn’t wash!

5. Accept that not Everyone will Like you: I have Personally went through something similar recently. Lately, I have met some Different Personalities who either just don’t gel with mine or at times Find my Approach a bit Offensive. (who would have thought right? 😉 Which has been really Great Practice for me! The best thing to do is to understand the situation, Accept it, and move on. Your work & Life will become much more Enjoyable, when you Realise that Focusing your Time and Energy on people with the Similar Ethics and Value set will help you go much Further.

6. Win / Win / Win / Win: Make sure each Deal is a Win for all Parties Involved. Make sure everyone makes Money, and in Style!

7. Online, Face to Face or Public – doesn’t matter: Be it you are Pumping out Facebook Posts or Face to Face conversing/presenting- understanding the Psychology of your Target Market is just Critical. With the Internet, it makes no Difference – you are still Speaking to an Audience of Potential Clients and trying to get their Interest in your Product & Services.

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!



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