“Win the Room” by Wes Linden & Stefan Thomas

“Win the Room” by Wes Linden and Stefan Thomas rocked. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I love having very smart Mentors and people in my life.

It’s how I moved on from living in my car as a new arrival to Sydney, to having a business, life, family and more over the last decade.

Much of my life has been learning new ideas to help me and those around me become more successful (which has rocked). This included being Mentored Personally for DAYS by the powerhouse Stefan Thomas in the United Kingdom.

He has helped me master my Business Networking & Relationship Selling and is a great friend. I’m even a character in his book “Win the Room” authored by Stefan Thomas and Wes Linden.

Yes, I have already read the book after Stefan sending me a signed copy from the UK and it’s a 5 Star Read for Business & Entrepreneur Success. I also purchased it on Kindle (which is really good) and these are my top 5 reasons justifying each star:

  • A simple, fast and direct read: It’s very easy to understand and you get the ideas fast.
  • It tells you what to do: You don’t get vague platitudes here, you know exactly what to do next who to seek out and have a plan to network more and sell more.
  • It’s funny and entertaining: Wes & Stefan are engaging people, and you get great entertainment.
  • Proven Points: Everything you are being told is PROVEN & DONE. So, you know it will work.
  • They’re on your level: Both the authors are on your level and never put themselves above you. It makes it great!

I love the book and highly recommended. To purchase:

>> Visit Stefan’s Author Page on Amazon Global

>> “Win the Room” on Amazon Australia

(If you’re in Australia like yours truly, you will have to purchase it on Amazon Australia).

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!