I love WeWork and Sam from WeWork Pyrmont is a complete winner!

It all started late last year in my life. I first started hearing about this new Coworking Space that was being extremely loved in Sydney.

It started with one person telling me, then another and then eventually I started asking questions to learn more about this place. We Work? We work?

It was called “WeWork” (one word, two upper case W’s) and I had to check it out. I was blown away and then I parked that thought for a short while.

I then joined the Meetup Team helping run events in Sydney on behalf of New York and WeWork acquired Meetup.

It was great and as timed passed, I now hold multiple events per month at WeWork and my business is growing beautifully. In short, I am being asked lots about WeWork and this is why it’s great:

  • The Right People: Everyone there rocks. From the staff to the tenants, everyone is really nice working hard for entrepreneurs.
  • A diverse space of acceptance: Everyone is welcome at WeWork which is great. I am quite ‘out there’ and people have kicked me out of spaces before. I am right at home at WeWork (in fact, I am quite conservative by their standards lol).
  • Beautiful Properties: Go have a look. 5 star. Easily win design awards.
  • Great Networking: You meet great people there and the place is built to connect.
  • Great pricing and fair packages: If you have lots of money or not much money, they have options to help you get started. Great people and doing their best to commercially help everyone.

My advice and thinking? Go check out your nearest WeWork and ask for a tour. You will know in 45 seconds if it’s right for you.

Love your work, go WeWork and thank you friends!