“Why won’t people buy my stuff?”

Often the reasons people don’t buy your stuff is simple, and easy fixable!

I speak to lots of frustrated entrepreneurs and I help them get sane and get winning again.

When people are really stuck, I often get asked this question:

  • “Why won’t people buy my stuff?”

It’s a great question in that I have asked this of myself at times. There are lots of reasons for this and want to tell you the top 3 that have applied to thousands I have worked with and at times; yours truly:

  • Lack of trust: Trust can take real time to build up, especially when you are speaking to people for the first time. You need to keep at the Sales & Marketing every day and chip away.
  • No clear outcome: If people don’t completely get the results of what you have, they won’t buy. This very common for coaches. For example, saying that you sell a “Transformation” won’t work. Saying that you will help them “Lose Weight and Find a Partner” shall.
  • Just not Selling & Marketing: I have seen people share post every second day on Facebook and think why they aren’t at six figures yet. It’s ridiculous thinking. I do several videos a day, call up 10 people, reach out to 50 online, run events and it works.

My advice and thinking? One or even several of these points may apply to you and that’s cool. Work on it, fix them up and I’m here to help.

Love your work, win big and enjoy friends!