Great Content that is ON POINT

Being sharp, direct and ON POINT is everything in content!

I have been thinking lots lately about my own Marketing Strategy and always thinking of how to improve it.

How do I get more clients? How do I stand out more? How do I win and take over the place?

One big key aspect of all this is having great content that is totally ON POINT. What I have found is that when I go too general in my content, it doesn’t really hit.

That makes sense actually, why on earth would someone want hear me rant?

It works when I make strong sharp ideas. I found this out this morning when I did a Facebook Live on sticking to 20 seconds max on an elevator pitch. People loved it!

My advice and thinking? Put out great content ON POINT.

Sharp, brief, value adding and fun; is the way to go.

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!