My Facebook Live Strategy is KICKING BUTT

Getting great views and the right engagement. FB Live Rocks!

I have been doing lots of experimenting with Facebook Live to get my approach just right.

I tried lots of things from formal events, long sessions, short sessions, wishing people great days and more.

After lots of testing I have found my flow that just works which I’d love to unpack with you:

  • Do several per day: This gives great exposure and you capture different people at different times of day.
  • Only a few minutes: You want to build a reputation for someone who cuts to the chase and only spends a few minutes.
  • Heavy value and sharp point: Don’t just say hello or go on. Talk about a particular topic with hard advice. E.g. “Give only 20 seconds max for your elevator pitch”.
  • High energy: Make it interesting.

My advice and thinking? Try it for yourself and it’s just great. I get tons of leads.

I love it on many levels and it rocks.