My love for WeWork 100 Harris St, Sydney

WeWork 100 Harris St is a beautiful property and we love their work!

Even though I have spent much time and ran many Meetup HQ events before at WeWork 100 Harris St (Pyrmont); this was my first evening where I ran my Profitable Marketing Meetup there.

This took everything to a new level for me. It’s my own Meetup Group, I got 50+ people coming, it’s a new experience and like all things; I was slightly on the edge in getting things right.

It’s kind of my thing with new events and venues. I am always preoccupied with getting it right.

However, IT WAS GREAT and we loved WeWork 100 Harris St. There was incredible feedback from the group in terms of:

  • Spacious and comfortable venue: It looks good, feels great, soft and a top place to work.
  • The ‘Vibe’ / ‘Mood’ was productive: Like all true WeWork properties, it got everything thinking the right way.
  • The staff were great: Hayley and her wonderful team did a great job. Everything just worked.
  • Tea and Coffee: Fully available here to everyone keeping people happy and productive.
  • City Accessible: Pyrmont and 100 Harris St is quite accessible from Sydney CBD. Great there

My advice and thinking? WeWork rocks and the 100 Harris St, Sydney is just great. We’re glad to have our event there and to a new future.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!