Getting the BEST TABLE nice and early!

The best seats in the house WERE MINE and it rocked!

It’s Friday and I am reflecting on a very PR & Speaking Driven week for me.

I have spoken at 3 x events this week, (with my own Live Webinar on top of that) and it’s been great.

In all these events I have experienced, one of them is what I organised as part of Meetup HQ. It was our first Social Event (which was a total hit), and it was being held at the beautiful Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour.

To make this all work, I got in at 4:30PM (for a 6PM start) to secure the BEST TABLE there for our party. I was lucky in doing that, in that by 5PM the place was FULL. As I could get the best spot, it contributed to our wonderful night and things just rocked.

My advice and thinking? When you are running group events, PLEASE GET IN EARLY. I would have been dead meat if I didn’t, but because I did things were a hit.

Love your work, here is to the best seats in the house and stay awesome friends!