Why I love walking everywhere and taking public transport!

New versus old! It took less than a year to do that.

New versus old! It took less than a year to do that.

Depending on wherever I go, I love taking public transport. I used to drive a lot more and I do whatever I can do stay off the roads for many great reasons.

This came to reveal itself when I purchased a new pair of Doc Martens recently. I really had an old worn out pair, which was a great thing to see. I do a lot of walking.

In short, if you can take public transport I highly recommend it for the following reasons:

  • Driving is exhausting: It’s much easier to sit there, chill out, play on the phone and enjoy.
  • It’s much cheaper: No tolls, petrol, servicing or risk of an accident on the roads.
  • You stay slim: The walking has helped me lose a stack of weight and stay slim.
  • You get more done: Emails on the train, phone calls, Facebook, you can’t do that while you are driving (although some people try lol)
  • It’s an excuse to take the Ferries: Sydney’s Ferries are beautiful and relaxing. If I can justify taking a ferry ride, then I will.
  • Great for content: As you walk around more, you have more opportunities to create Social Media content. Very hard to do behind the wheel of car.
  • Environmental tick: One less car on the road is great!

My advice and thinking? More walking and public transport friends! Is it always possible? Of course not, but even if you phase out some of your driving it’s a great thing.

Love your work and stay awesome friends!