The PROFITABLE Joy of Plane Time

I also think about Jesus too whilst I am on the plane!

I also think about Jesus too whilst I am on the plane!

I was reflecting on my wonderful business trip to New York in April 2018. It was life changing on many many levels and I am still processing many of my wonderful lessons on the trip.

One of my wonderful lessons is what I love being ‘Plane Time’. You have no internet, you are cut off from your normal life and it’s one of those times where you get true time to yourself.

In these experiences, I love it in that I really reflect on my life in a deep manner.

When I am in my regular life in Sydney, I may sure reflect for a few minutes here and there; however, the plane gives hours of time for full on meditation and introspection. This really helped me solve some problems, come up with great solutions and win more.

Interestingly, the solutions I came up with were well thought out and they solved my problems (giving it 6 weeks to play out). This came from proper time to explore ideas and it was great.

My advice and thinking? Enjoy your plane time! Even if you can use WiFi there, don’t do it. Think, explore and really reflect on what you are thinking.

It’s worth it and I love it!

Enjoy your plane time and stay awesome friends!