Finding the places where THY AWESOME HANG OUT!

Extremely good looking and brilliant people!

Extremely good looking and brilliant people!

I have been teaching lots of Sales lately for my wonderful entrepreneur community. It’s been a totally new development to the business in people asking me, “Edward, how on Earth do I sell?”

It’s been a great experience and as I have been unpacking this with people and helping them, a key issue comes up early where people ask, “Edward, where do I find these people?”.

The first thing I say to people that works is hit the top Business Chambers in town. I am based in Sydney and in this town, NSW Business Chamber and British Chamber are just brilliant. You can go to those events and EVERYWHERE IS WONDERFUL.

This is critical from a success viewpoint in three core ways:

–          You may find direct clients in the room! (I get heaps)

–          You make powerful friends who refer you clients!

–          You make AWESOME friends who inspire you!

My advice and thinking? Find out where awesome people hang out and become part of that community. Be the helpful one that is awesome, gives people stuff and you shall be very popular.

Love your work, thank you friends and stay awesome!