Lessons from watching SAVVY Networkers in action!

Kevin Davey and Paul Wright are great guys on many many levels!

Kevin Davey and Paul Wright are great guys on many many levels!

I have learned so much about winning from watching people in action. Watching brilliant people in action!

I was at a recent British Chamber Networking evening where I get to see total networking pro’s work the room, get clients and win big. People at British Chamber are extremely savvy, and they have to be in order to succeed there.

In watching them last week, these are my top observations:

  • They are nice people people: They really enjoy people and are charismatic and good natured.
  • People know who to go for: So no one wastes anyone’s time, people go for exactly their ideal clients and it works.
  • It’s a great fun time: Everyone is enjoying top food, the odd drink (lol) and great people.
  • Conversations are precise and on point: No screwing around. People are really focusing on what matters.
  • Meetings are being booked: You can hear people booking meetings and catching up to do business.
  • Everyone is good looking: Well dressed and look the part!
  • Lots of winning: People are enjoying winning on many many levels!

My advice and thinking? When you know top networkers, really watch them in action. You will learn lots and it so shall help you win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!