When you catch yourself SLIPPING UP!

We slip up and that's cool. Just get disciplined! (Image Credit to Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid!)

We slip up and that’s cool. Just get disciplined! (Image Credit to Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid!)

Have you ever lectured people about something then gone and did the opposite of your advice? Have you ever said one thing and done another? Have you ever thrown great stones from your glass house?

Well, I must confess that I MAY HAVE. Over the past week, I have been eating lots of food (especially after 6PM) which is a huge no-no if you want to lose weight, be fit and healthy.

For me, health comes a lot from really watching what I eat after 6PM and I have dropped the ball on this one over the past week. I picked it up again yesterday, with this being my second day of eating healthy again.

In that short time, my belt as got a bit tight again (no!!!) and it’s just not good. At times in life we all slip up (at least I do), and this is what is critical:

–          When you catch yourself slipping up, ADMIT IT!

As I have come clean with my own errors, I got back on the horse and now I am getting all back to where I was super fit a week or two ago.

My advice and thinking? When you slip up, just don’t do it for long or feel bad about it. We are all human and that’s totally cool. Just pick it up, get back on the horse and get back to winning.

Love your work, I am enjoying my nice cup of tea (with no bikkies) and it’s just great.

Best of luck with your own growth and stay disciplined friends!

P.S. Image Credit to Mr. Miyagi who I must stick on my power wall!