Watching TOXIC people go off into the sunset!

It's profitable joy watching toxic people go off into the sunset!

It’s profitable joy watching toxic people go off into the sunset!

I had a funny experience today, which reminded me of an extremely funny experience I had a few years ago.

One of my wonderful friends who I had reconnected with today thought I accidentally unfriended them on LinkedIn. Of course, I didn’t. They looked at something else and reached out to me asking me if I did.

After we spoke over the phone, we had a great laugh, we reconnected, and the AMAZING person is even booked in now to join us at our Profitable Marketing next week. In a way her misunderstanding was great, in that it gave us the chance to reconnect.

This reminded of a previous story and when I used to run a lot of business networking groups. It was great, I worked closely some people there and made friends for life. I also had friends which we drifted apart from over time. This happens, and it’s cool.

One of them didn’t like some of my pro-liberty and free speech views and one day they unfriended me on Facebook. I was quite surprised (but not surprised) and was relieved I didn’t have to be friends with them on Facebook. They would always police my views and it was great not having to always worry about what they think.

I then wrote a blog about how it’s great that people have the choice to unfriend each other and they found it! Even though it was written in general terms, they thought it was incorrectly about them and then they even got upset at me again.

It got funnier in that they didn’t like my views and unfriended me. As I even thought that was funny, they were offended that I wasn’t offended, and I was happy with it. I couldn’t just get away without them hunting me down.

It was such a funny situation in hindsight and it reminded me of a great lesson.

TOXIC people! They come in all forms and sometimes they are hard to shake, but we must do what we can to do it. This can be as light as ignoring someone, right through to blocking, however it’s all important. As I had just a weird relationship with this person, it was great that we all disconnected.

My advice and thinking? Toxic people can be odd. They can be your best pal, become your worst enemy and then suddenly want to become your best pal again; then get shocked when you don’t want to play ball.

That’s cool! Just stay awesome from them. Don’t get angry. Don’t get upset. Don’t even write blogs about them (lol). Just you enjoy your life and focus on the wonderful people around you.

You rock and you deserve the best.

Love your, enjoy and here is to watching toxic people go off into the sunset!