It doesn't take much to tell a fine story!

It doesn’t take much to tell a fine story!

This is one of my favourite questions and when it comes to Marketing, it often guides much of the logic when it comes to writing anything from an advertisement to a FB Blog Post.

I have found over the years (especially in Small Business Marketing), people don’t care for so much our story, training or credentials (which are still important) – they are more interested in what they will get from our services.

Sure, people love the fact I have multiple undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and I have held down some impressive Corporate jobs, but at the end of the day – it comes down to my ideas and them being implemented in a way which makes people incredibly successful.

When we think this way and understand the truth of how people shop (me included), it can help make our Marketing actually quite easy.

Instead of telling the story of war and peace in that how wonderful we are and the like – we can just cut to the chase with what people can expect to get out of working with us. I have done exactly that on the Home Page of my website  and in building on such ideas, this is where bullet points and questions work really well.

For example, I help people get more clients and create businesses that give them the lives they want. It’s pretty straightforward in that respect and it’s way better than me going on about how awesome I think I am and the like.

Think about your business carefully. What do you really give people? Now express that in as little words as possible.

Less words, but make no mistake – powerful words that conjure up emotion and get people very excited!

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this with those it can help & stay awesome!



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