It's still smiles and handshakes (even over the internet LOL)

It’s still smiles and handshakes (even over the internet LOL)

It’s very funny when I started strong Facebook Marketing a good 6 – 12 months ago. I have always done a ‘good’ job here, but now I can look you in the eye and tell you I have nailed it.

It brings me multiple leads per week, my sales of ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia™’ has picked up and I have people hiring me teaching them how to replicate the strategy in their own way.

Yes, I have had many videos go viral and I broke 900,000+ Post views in one week, but it’s not about that believe it or not. I used to think “wow, if I get lots of views I win the game” and I couldn’t be further from the truth.

What I find is that as we get lots of views, we get fans, lots of shares and most people actually don’t buy. They will never buy and that’s great.

BUT what happens is that someone sees it and what you have is exactly what they want and they love you. People usually enquire first, add me on Facebook, start asking questions and even though it was ‘Facebook and Social Media’ that got the exposure – it still comes back to a conversation between me and a potential new client.

That is, even though Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Twitter or whatever you are using is great – it does come down to that individual relationship and conversation. Sure, I am broadcasting to thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands each day with lucky viral posts), but it comes down to that personal connection and people seeing if I am for real and have the goods.

Of course I do and I deliver that and it’s reminded me that in some ways nothing has changed. It’s still a relationship between two humans.

Just the way I like it. Keeping it real. Remember that in your own marketing as people approach you wanting to know your brilliance.

Love your work, share this with those it can help and have a wonderful day!



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