Once you are renewed, the fight becomes much easier... (Image Credit: Awesome XCOM 2 from 2K)

Once you are renewed, the fight becomes much easier… (Image Credit: Awesome XCOM 2 from 2K)

I was very lucky to meet up with an old friend today who is a great man that messed up. He knows I think he is awesome and in hiding his identity, let’s say he is a ‘Consultant’.

Basically he is brilliant at what he does and his business originally went awry because he targeted the wrong people with his services. Basically, his business / services are suited for businesses with at least 5 staff.

His skills aren’t that relevant for a single business owner, but give him someone with say 20 staff – it would be just perfect (he tragically targeted solo business operators and burnt up his cash very quickly).

He is good now, I have set him in the direction of NSW Business Chamber (whereas having 5 staff is small there, really good events) and from here there are lots of challenges for him – but it won’t take him long to really turn things around.

I do feel for the guy, however – in a way I am not too worried as it won’t take him long targeting the right people to turn things around. This has got me thinking and inspired me to the idea of having to ‘rebuild your project’.

Including myself, many of us in times have been knocked off our chairs – had a great project, which was disrupted or destroyed. In much lighter ways, my business has been disrupted at times, with one time being pretty much my last stand.

What got me thinking about all this was actually the upcoming PC game coming out titled XCOM 2. It’s a sequel to a very popular game (XCOM: Enemy Within) with this one being that Earth has actually been conquered by aliens.

The ‘XCOM Project’ was originally ‘the extraterrestrial combat unit’ which had to protect the Earth. They failed the first time, but 20 years later they are back and it’s all about coming back from the Ashes and rebuilding the project and renewing humanities will to fight.

This really got me thinking. Sometimes we have it and we have lost it. But at times we get a burst of motivation which becomes our chance to come back from the darkness and win the game.

This has happened to my friend. Awesome.

My advice? If you haven’t already, make it happen for you. Restore the project and renew the fight within you.

Love your work, share this with those it can help, thank you and stay awesome from Edward Zia!

P.S. Full Image Credit & thanks to XCOM 2 / 2K Gaming



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