Cutting to the chase has been a massive lesson for me in business. Over the years I have noticed that the longer someone is in business, is the more direct they become in what they do.

That has been the case for me. If I go back (even as a Corporate) I would write massive emails, using lots of words and not actually making many points. These days, I use little words but make massive points.

Where I have seen this play out is with Facebook Advertising, Email / Mailchimp Headings, Facebook Videos, Webinar Slides and Blog posts.

If I say put a video on Facebook with heaps of text, not many people will click the video (which was the whole point). The simple reason is that seeing that much text just turned people off, or they just read the text, got the point and decided not to view the video.

Either way, it’s not a good thing and as I have done lots of testing, videos and the like – the complete opposite has become true. If I say put a video on Facebook with only a sentence of text at the most, it makes it interesting and makes people want to ‘click’ and see what I have to say. I think there are lots of reasons for this with the big one being:

People are overloaded with information, so they will only read lightly and respond to what matters!

I strangely remember with Online Marketing about 5 – 10 years ago it was all massive stories of war and peace. Now it’s short, punchy and potent. My big advice and lessons here:

Say more with less words!

Enjoy and there you go. To walk the talk, I shall finishing up this fine article right here.

Love your work and thanks from Edward Zia!



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