Easily the master of getting it done!

Easily the master of getting it done!

If you have spent any amount of time with me or read my blog, you will have noticed that I am a mad fan of getting it done.

I developed that skill somewhat when I was a Corporate Marketer and in particular took it to the next level when I started my business. I originally noticed that in many cases I would speak to people, consult to people and sometimes we would just ‘talk about stuff’ without anything getting done.

Great clients would get stuff done and ones that struggled would always be the ‘talkers’. I found that as time passed, you could say whatever you want – BUT it comes down to ultimately what comes out of the ‘kitchen’.

Using the awesome Gordon Ramsay as an example, when I became a big fan of him (more talking Hell’s Kitchen) you would have kitchens with lots of activity and nothing coming out. There would be drama, people yelling, Gordon doing his ‘idiot sandwich’ and ‘it’s so raw it’s still mooing’ heroic lines of compelling television.

On the other side would be upset hungry people with no food which is a no no. What all this taught me was the importance of getting stuff done, completed and out with no drama.

When it comes to ‘schedules’ to me this is the be all and end all. We have tasks that we need to get done, places to be and we must do it if we are going to make money.

I am very particular on getting stuff done in time, because if I don’t – I cost myself money and setback my own research. I use my Outlook Calendar and a massive fan of KPI / Weekly task lists.

My advice friends? Get stuff done. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Schedules make you money. Use them. Love them.

Thank you Gordon Ramsay and thank you for reading this. Stay awesome and deliver hard!



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