Never fail the market lol

Never fail the market lol

Over the past five years I have worked with some awesome people and tragically people who struggled to ‘find their awesome’.

That is, the people I have worked with and known to do incredibly well never made excuses. The people that were progressive, got stuff done and ‘made it happen’ always did incredibly well.

The ones that didn’t are the topic of this article. When it comes to succeeding in business, ultimately it’s not some ‘magical’ type of thing that occurs. Luck is certainly a factor and people do well for often ‘very real’ type of reasons.

If we are selling something to ‘the market’ it comes down too how much ‘the market’ actually likes it. Regardless of what we are going through in our own lives, the tragedy one feels, how busy we get or even if we get a cold – we only succeed if the market likes what we are doing.

Using the very awesome Darth Vader as an example, if you deliver the market can be very nice to you. If you don’t, it can be totally brutal to you (in that you make no money).

‘The Market’ as I put it is a collective of everyone that only cares about what we give it in terms of value. It doesn’t love us, it doesn’t hate us, in fact it’s a very fair type of structure that we all compete in equally.

I even went to Google to check out the fine definition:

a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities.
“they wanted to browse around the street market”

an area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted.
“the UK market remained in recession”

advertise or promote (something).
“the product was marketed under the name ‘aspirin’”
synonyms: sell, retail, offer for sale, put up for sale, vend, merchandise, trade, peddle, hawk; advertise, promote
“the product was marketed worldwide”

If I look at all the definitions, I see it as a ‘collective’ of thoughts that only cares for what we deliver too it. I personally care for excuses and what people go through, but tragically the market doesn’t. What are ‘excuses’ do we ask? Back to Google Definition:

seek to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offence); try to justify.
“he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob’s cruelty”
synonyms: justify, defend, make excuses for, make a case for, explain (away), rationalize, condone, vindicate, warrant; More
release (someone) from a duty or requirement.
“it will not be possible to excuse you from attendance”
synonyms: let off, release, relieve, exempt, spare, absolve, free, liberate; raredispense
“she has been excused from her duties for now”

In terms of marketing, I see it as giving reasons for not getting stuff done. People have given many to me in my time and even feel ‘guilty’ for letting me down. The truth is that they aren’t letting me down, they are letting themselves down.

My advice and thinking? Life does get it the way and I even let myself down at times. But don’t stay there. Stay productive, get stuff done, don’t get too emotional and make sure you deliver to the market.

The more you deliver, the more you shall get money from the market and they happier you shall be.

So don’t make excuses awesome friends! I lost many good years due to doing this.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

P.S Thank you Lucasfilm and full image credit to you.



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