Your time matters. Give it to the right people!

Your time matters. Give it to the right people!

After dinner with my fine wife and mother in law, we found ourselves driving home in the evening. We spoke a bit about business and the topic of ‘Tyre Kicker’ come up in conversation.

Lots of us use and hear this term all the time and we know it as basically dealing with ‘idiots’ in business who waste our time, use us, abuse us and we don’t ever want to have as clients (assuming they would ever pay).

I recently went and explored the origins of what the word meant. With thanks to the very awesome Urban Dictionary:

tire kicker
Someone who is indecisive about purchasing a product or service, and never feels satisfied with what they are offered. In the end a tire kicker may or may not buy. The term comes from sales people at car dealerships. Tire kickers would come around frequently, kick the tires a few times on the cars that they liked, but never make a solid purchasing decision on any particular car or trim.

“That tire kicker has come here every day for the last month, don’t waste any time on him.”

You get the drift, basically a lame person that will probably never become a customer. I get a few approaching me every month and I’d love to share with you the following 7 x signs to spot them:

1) They ask really irrlevant questions.

2) They challenge you for no actual logical reason.

3) They keep asking the same questions over and over.

4) They never actually purchase.

5) They are focused on ‘cost’ even though they don’t know yours.

6) They can be aggressive, rude and disrespectful.

7) An encounter with them is a negative experience.

There are many more I am sure you can think of and I bet you have experienced some.

My advice? Be patient with people but once you know you got a tyre kicker don’t give them your energy and stop wasting your time with them. You will be happier for it and be far more profitable in the short, medium and long term.

There are so many awesome people in your life, so focus on them.

Love your work, thanks for the read and avoid those tyre kickers friends!



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