He get's it.

He get’s it.

As my life becomes busier, more successful and I get more blessed to work with awesome people – I don’t find myself so much working extra hours, but working much harder.

That is, I work less hours than I used too, but my output is higher and I work harder in each of those given hours. You can say that I value time much more than I used too and what I have found is that at the end of the week I am way more worn out that I used to be.

In order to manage this and keep my energy up, I have learned (just recently) one must ‘chill out’ when they can. For me, this has been napping when I can, playing a bit of XCOM 2, spending family time with my awesome wife or even just playing with cat.

Interestingly over the past few months I have mentally ‘hit the wall’. I am actually really happy and motivated and I found until I started managing things better, I would just get ‘mentally worn out’. My brain would get a bit sluggish and until I rested for a few hours, it just wouldn’t work that well.

The reality is that you can’t just work ‘forever’ and expect to remain productive. The human brain and body needs time out to rest, refocus, regenerate and then you can hit things back with productive and very impressive ideas.

In order to achieve this, I do my urgent work, love my clients and then rest as much as I can in my downtime. It feels good, restores me and keeps me productive and focused. Besides – it makes you happier too.

My advice and lessons? Chill when e can! If you have time off, rest up and use it well. When you have to deliver in peak performance, you want to know you are ready and well rested.

I find that thinking keeps one super productive. It’s worked a treat for me.

Thanks for the read, love your work, here’s to chilling and stay awesome!



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