Geoff Lee MP for Parramatta. Strong guy. You can't get anything funny past him.

Geoff Lee MP for Parramatta. Strong guy. You can’t get anything funny past him.

I was very lucky to meet the awesome Geoff Lee MP of Parramatta. He is a member of the NSW Legislative Assembly for Parramatta, of course for the totally awesome Liberal Party of Australia (visit his Wikipedia Page here).

I have been lucky to connect with him through Parramatta Chamber, we finally connected and felt it would be great to catch up for a meeting to learn more about each other and what we do in the community.

When I sat down with Geoff in his with Parliamentary office, I immediately picked up his strong, no bull, direct and winning style. If you following DISC Profiling (which I am a massive fan of), he is a strong D (like myself) and I respected him as best as I can by cutting to the chase, giving straight up answers and working out how I could possibly help him.

I am proudly going to be helping him the morning of the election day coming up and as we spoke, we covered lots of ground about topical and more serious issues. I asked about everything from construction, freedom of speech, security, heritage buildings and I walked out of his office going “hmm, that is very reasonable – makes sense”.

The big point that impressed me of Geoff was that he spoke with facts, strength, substance and everything he said was well thought out with layers of strong reasoning. We even spoke about the controversial 18C Racial Discrimination act and even though I am a very much on the side of free speech, he made me think about it in a totally different way.

I came in with my typical “Free Speech / Free Speech / Free Speech / Trump Yeah!” type populist argument and calmly explained that it’s very hard to get prosecuted with it and it helps protect those small marginalised groups / individuals that cannot defend themselves. That is, if you allow “Free Speech” in the way I describe it, what is stopping big people from trampling little people?

Great argument. It’s got me thinking and reevaluating my views on the topic. People rarely challenge the way I think and he did. Bravo! (Watch this space on my 18C views).

I asked him about his take on Tony Abbott and he defended the man (who I think is awesome) saying that the image / perception he had was just not him. I asked him about heritage projects across Parramatta (a very sensitive topic to some) and he gave me a fantastic, progress, preservation reasoned response crediting the billions of dollars of construction going on in the city.

Basically with Geoff, you get reason, facts, well thought out arguments and you know he is coming from a good place. His job isn’t anything but easy – and I am impressed and have lots of respect for the guy.

My advice and lessons from Geoff? Firstly vote Liberal (lol). Secondly, don’t just think and do stuff for the sake of it. Really think through your positions on business, life, marketing – whatever the case maybe. By having strong, educated positions it makes us smarter, puts us in more control and helps us influence others.

Geoff’s superior knowledge on key topics has me thinking.

Love your work, thanks for the read, you rock Geoff and stay awesome!



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