A frame from my new Video FB ad. Wish me luck!

A frame from my new Video FB ad. Wish me luck!

Today marks a very significant day for me in that I have setup my new Facebook Video Advertisement.

It’s quite a big step for me in that the advertisement costs me anything upwards of $20 / day (been working on $20 – $40 / day so far). My last advertisement would have been seen by over 115,000 people from across Sydney and I get praise, condemnation and lots of sales as a result of it.

One of my favourite types of advertising on Facebook are ads that include Video. I have found that direct click links are ‘good’, but a strong video on there gets much more engagement, feedback and I have found it gives me the best chance of people buying my vault, making an enquiry or at very least – liking my Facebook Page.

When I work with awesome clients and they are FB people, I usually recommend they get used to posting content on the page. That is, work out what people like, what sells for them, get used to the platform and get their angle just right.

After establishing that, it’s great to take the plunge into Facebook Paid Advertising. As a very rough rule of thumb, $10 will get your ad 1,000 views, so the better you make your ad, the more clicks, the more videos and touch wood the more sales.

My advertisement has been already been seen by 24 people as I write this, so who knows how it will look in the morning.

My advice wonderful friends? If you are a FB person, keep putting out content and when you feel comfortable with it – time to get into the paid FB advertising. It’s totally worth it.

Love your work, thanks for the read, keep an eye out for my video and stay awesome!



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