Done. Dusted. Done. Smile.

Done. Dusted. Done. Smile.

Even though people think of me as a very ‘nice guy’, I am also known to be a hard task master too.

Time is truly money for everyone involved and when I work with awesome people, although I love giving time – it must be productive for everyone.

When I started out, I used to be very much on the ‘soft and quiet’ end with people. That is, if they gave me a reason for not doing something I would accept it, if they didn’t do something they agreed (for their own good) I would just smile and also I would let things go on too long.

After five years and loving what I do, I have really appreciated the viewpoint time is money and if anything, I am a massive opposite of what I used to be – cut to the chase, get stuff done and get in results.

Besides making my own life easier, people and clients have really appreciated it in that I remember I do more with a client now in one session, that I would have done in five sessions in the old days and I love it.

Interestingly, my awesome clients of today (as none of them make weak excuses as they just rock) openly say to me:

– “Edward, push me hard to get stuff done!”

And I totally love it. So do they! For me, I get high levels of satisfaction on that from many viewpoints and find it very rewarding.

The reality is that in life, we only get new stuff done when we are pushed hard! Be it we push ourselves hard or others push us – that ‘driving force’ is totally critical in what we do.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? Be the person that pushes yourself hard. To qualify, I don’t mean negative self-talk or anything like that (please respect yourself), I mean in terms of productivity and results.

You get more done in less time, keep clients happy and get more personal time for yourself plus your awesome family (or family to be).

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!



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