The awesome Lucas and Amanda at Novotel Parramatta. My 'quantum of solace'. Lol

The awesome Lucas and Amanda at Novotel Parramatta. My ‘quantum of solace’. Lol

It’s 12:49PM as I write this article at the awesome Novotel Parramatta. I have been on the phone to an awesome client, a great colleague and one of her staff said hello and I am enjoying a fine muffin with a long black brewed to perfection.

You can say I am a Novotel Buff for many reasons. As I get around town, I find myself popping into various Novotel’s for anything client meetings, sending some emails, or even just trying to ‘hide’ from the awesome / crazy streets of Sydney.

I use as a place for actual productive work and my own ‘quantum of solace’ (quoting 007). When it comes to your business, your own success and having a cool personal life – you get busy, you do it, you do it well and love it. BUT you need to recharge, ‘hide’ in cool spots and get your stamina back.

For me, subconsciously Novotel (worldwide actually) has become exactly that. I have been hiding out in Novotel’s from Dubai, to London to Wollongong with fun, smiles and confidence.

I think there are a lot of reasons why I did (subconsciously) choose Novotel for that experience. Firstly, the venues are great. Secondly, the actual F&B quality is great (e.g. quality coffee / snacks) and thirdly – the people are just fantastic. I have been lucky to hang out with Amanda & Lucas today who don’t miss a beat.

My advice awesome friends? Find places and your own ‘quantum of solace’ (thank you again Daniel Craig) in that you can chill out, love what you do and spend time with sane people before you hit a somewhat crazy world.

Love your work, thank you Accor, Novotel Parramatta, Lucas & Amanda – stay awesome!



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