Futuristic, impressive and stimulates thought - Optus Campus is impressive and a must place to visit!

Futuristic, impressive and stimulates thought – Optus Campus is impressive and a must place to visit!

One key learned lesson of mine over the last 6 to 12 months is making sure you are not only delivering awesome value to your clients and getting results – it is also ensuring you are enjoying business and life.

When you are out for yourself, it is very different to say being an employee. You are out on your own, you are responsible for everything from feeding yourself, getting insurance, making sure your printer is working, meeting clients and staying healthy.

As a result, you cannot be unhappy. The reason is that unhappy people are less productive (you don’t need a degree in HR to know that as a fact) and if you are an unhappy worker, expect poor financial performance.

Even though the whole employee vs business owner type of thinking has been a key part of what I have talked about for years, what gave me reminder to this was visting the Optus Campus in Macquarie Park last night.

For my non-Sydney friends, Macquarie Park is basically Australia’s (smaller) Silicone Valley where you have the big tech players and many of the startups (e.g. Optus, Microsoft, Oracle, Canon etc).

Optus there is massive and I was there to visit the Bizruption Business Networking Event. I loved it and as I walked through Optus, it had that type of feel of a University combined with Government, Corporate and you were being watched everywhere.

It was very futuristic and a creepy type of cool and when you looked into the buildings you could see people working away at their desks (there must been hundreds if not thousands). I arrived at about 5:20PM and you could see a stampede of people going home.

It made me remember the different life as an employee. You get a regular paycheck, many of your needs are looked after and there are checks and balances to stay productive. In fact, I bet Optus would be a great place to work if that is your thing.

But as an employee you don’t get that!

You have to create your own life and hence you must do it your way in a style that is compatible with you. You got to get results, be a Happy Worker (in your own business) and stay productive.

My advice? Get results and DO IT YOUR WAY. Don’t let people pull you off track like I have been guilty of previously.

Stay strong, do it your way, smile and make lots of money.

Love your work friends, thank you for the read, thank you Optus and thank you Bizruption. You all have given me great inspiration to write this article.



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