God Save the Queen. Nice try EU. Ha ha.

God Save the Queen. Nice try EU.

Isn’t it fantastic? The dictatorship has failed to hoodwink the very awesome people of the United Kingdom.

The European Union has lots to answer for in what it has done to lots of the world in terms of the way it has attacked the lives of many through anything from oppression through manipulated currencies, right through to making it unsafe for women through poorly controlled migration.

I am quite surprised actually – I originally (and thankfully) incorrectly predicted a ‘Remain’ vote. That is, I assumed the British People would give into their fear and go for the ‘devil they know’ and be too scared to vote out.

Even though the EU has totally been screwing the British people, I can tell by the posts on FB now that quite a few brilliant people have been brainwashed by the government propaganda on the issue.

However, what the awesome British people proved today was how intelligent and strong they are. People knew they were being totally screwed by an oppressive system which punished people through crazy trading rules, overloading their health care system with ‘health tourism’, importing intolerance from the rest of the world by the tens of thousands and even more – people having laws imposed on them not created by them.

Putting on more of a philosophy hat and looking at things in a very general sense – you had an oppressive regime oppressing people. Unrest built over the years and through many grassroots movements, the people rose up to use the democratic process to overthrow the tyranny they were under.

It’s a great feeling watching justice being served without arrows, swords, pistols and assault rifles.

My lessons from this one? You can’t push around people forever. You may get away with it for a while, but one day they shall push back.

And when they do…Things happen.

Love it, god bless the UK, great job UK people and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!



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