We don't always win. That's life. Get even. Then move on!

We don’t always win. That’s life. Get even. Then move on!

It’s really funny watching the sour grapes come out with those that support the European Union and were against the United Kingdom being a free country with the Brexit.

Sure, I get losing is hard (I have lost many times in life), however what makes this one slightly funnier was the childish way they are responding.

Some of the posts on Facebook are actually quite funny, saying the British can’t complain about the United States kicking them out once. That is pretty cool and something I would expect.

For those that lost that have moved on already and focusing on what matters – my thumbs up to you. That takes maturity and love it.

What has quite not been what I expected (yet I am not surprised) are people like BBC calling for a ‘recount’, ‘second referendum’ and basically doing whatever they can to go against the will of the people with their own corrupt, socialist, left agenda. It was democratic, the people voted and although I know taking defeat isn’t fun – it’s a loss for the Pro EU / Anti UK Freedom side of things. It’s time for them to get over it and move on – working out how to get the most of what they want with the political, social and economic changes that are going underway.

But I bet you they won’t do that anytime soon. Why? Because they are childish ‘special snowflakes’ that are used to getting their own way and it will take them some time to digest this.

What I have learned personally in business and life is making sure you don’t pick up ‘special snowflake’ syndrome (which I have been guilty of previously).

That is, let’s say I lose getting a big client, a long-term client ditches me out of the blue or whatever the case may be – it’s easy to get a case of ‘sour grapes’ and let it possess you. What is critical is getting over stuff fast. When negative things happen to me, I am over it in almost 5 minutes in that if we hang onto defeat for too long, it stops our success in the future.

Exactly that for the Pro-EU people. They are going to be sour for months (if not years I bet) and bad for them, good for awesome people like us. My advice? Get over defeat quickly. Count your losses. Accept it. Move on. Then go and win big. Works for me and love it.

Hope that thinking helps! Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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