The reason why Tina is succeeding

Scaringly great quality at Tina's Miss Lushes Lashes!

Scaringly great quality at Tina’s Miss Lushes Lashes!

I have lots of massive clients in Sydney CBD and North Sydney. They rock, they are awesome and I am involved in some very complex projects.

I love it and it’s always a rocking pleasure getting out of the steel, smoke and concrete and visiting Tina’s Salon Miss Lushes Lashes. Her salon is out in Camden, which is a beautiful part of greater south western Sydney.

In knowing Tina for a few years now, I have watched her evolve into a powerful beauty entrepreneur who runs a very tight ship at her 1950’s inspired lashes salon. It’s fun, she has great people working with her and she must have grown double digits month on month recently.

Tina is in the zone and succeeding very quickly and when we met and spoke yesterday; it was great discussing the why and how that she is winning. If you strip back the smiles, the style and premises; there is strong substance in what she does. Her lashes quality has won multiple awards, she gets non-stop 5 star reviews online and everyone cares about reaching and exceeding a given professional standard.

This has inspired me on many levels too in that by actually not growing too fast, ensuring people are trained and making sure that only high quality jobs are performed it sets up everyone for success. Customers keep coming back, they spread positive word + bring their friends and the business gets a reputation for being quite simply ‘the best in town’.

My advice and lessons? Just like Tina at Miss Lushes Lashes, it’s quality before marketing. If you do great quality, your marketing becomes easier, it becomes more effective and as your clients love you – your business becomes fun, inspirational and ‘not work’ as it’s easy to love.

Go hard in your business and only sell what you are proud of and would buy yourself!

Love your work, thank you for reading, appreciate it Tina and stay awesome!