Finding your own way

Your fun and success starts from within. Bumping into Nathan and Co from the City of Parramatta rocked!

Your fun and success starts from within. Bumping into Nathan and Co from the City of Parramatta rocked!

Today has been an awesome day. I got through some seriously heavy projects with some clients, solved some problems they were facing and by the time the afternoon session kicked in; I needed a glass a wine!

I was pretty beat towards about 3PM, but still I made myself go to the “Parramatta 2021” event. I was tired, I was even a bit grumpy, but I had this deep feeling within that I had to go.

As I made it to the event, I came into a packed Town Hall to hear Lucy Turnbull talking about Parramatta and the future.

Even for a man of the streets like me; I actually felt out of place at this Government Event. It was strangely outside of my comfort zone and as I hung in there; I started feeling good.

I even bumped into some people I knew and afterwards they had a very cool ‘after party’ with food from the local Jamie Oliver Restaurant. I then saw a few awesome pals and I went up and said hello.

The red wine was ‘just fantastic’ and after my first sip; I just felt at home. I ended up becoming part of the life of party and it was freakin sweet. I met some great people, got some great connections and expanded my knowledge with lots of fun.

You can never make a lot of friends and I was slightly tipsy walking my way back home, I was reflecting on how I made my own way and had an awesome time. It was also a very profitable and worthwhile experience from a business viewpoint. I found this event myself, went myself, met people myself and had a great time because I chose too. In short, I created my own experience and it got me thinking on how we carve our own way in business.

My advice and thinking? When you are in business for yourself, you are in control of your own destiny. You choose to work harder or less, you choose to be nice or mean and you choose to succeed or not.

It’s really important to keep that in mind as you work away. Your success is up to you and you choose how you go about it. I used to spend lots of my life blaming other people for my luck. If you are still doing that; please don’t. Make your life your own and smile.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!