Definitely quality

Definitely a great looking crowd! Always go for quality.

Definitely a great looking crowd! Always go for quality.

It’s 10:21PM and it’s been a long-haul of a day. Still, I don’t care how long the day is; you people are awesome and I shall deliver my daily blog to you as promised.

With my adventures today it started at about 5AM. A hungry cat meowing for food and some awesome client projects I needed to get rolling with some simple emails. It then entered the morning session being our Profitable Marketing Forum with Parramatta College.

It’s our Free 1/2 Workshop that we run and what the years have taught me is that it’s not a numbers game; it’s quality!

Whenever you market, run live events, speak to people or do whatever it takes – it comes down your message going to the right people.

Today, our forum at Parramatta College was full of the right people. They were kind, intelligent, hard working and the type of people I would associate anywhere with across town. As I stare at the photo and think of these great people; I ask myself why are they awesome? Why do I like them? Why of course do they like us? In short, here is the answer:

– They are successful: Even if they have no money and are starting out, you know they will be successful in but a few years.

– They have money: Some are very well off and can hire us. Yay!

– They are kind with an abundance mentality: People help the people next to them and they are thinking about what’s possible.

– They are good looking: Of course! Only hot to trot people (lol)

– They are action takers: They get into things and get it done.

In short, they are very cool people that I respect, who respect me and we all have a wonderful time together. We had 17 people come to our workshop today and they rocked and are much better than 100 people who we don’t fit with.

My advice and thinking friends? Rookies / Amateurs get obsessed with numbers. The pro’s are obsessed with connecting with the right people.

As you market away, run events and win – make sure you get the ‘right’ people along. It’s good for you and good for them – everyone wins. I know we did today.

Thanks for the read, love your work and of course stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Mark Kyte, Martha Arifin and Parramatta College – rocking day!