Food, Inspiration, TAFE NSW and Matt Moran

Matt Moran, TAFE NSW and Student Hospitality Rocked!

Matt Moran, TAFE NSW and Student Hospitality Rocked!

It’s 9:07PM as I write this blog and I have a full belly of of fine food, enjoyed sips of fine wine (I was driving) and a mind of inspiration from meeting great people including the very awesome Matt Moran.

Tonight was a VIP Cocktail Event at TAFE NSW @ Ryde in their student Ambassador Restaurant. It was run by TAFE students improving their skills and I found out that Matt Moran is actually a TAFE alumni.

He studied there before he was 20 and my first experience of him (like many) was with the Australian ‘Pressure Cooking’ show Masterchef.

At this event, he spoke to the audience for what must have been 10 minutes telling his story from a TAFE viewpoint. He told his story of studying food at the age of 16 and talked about the importance of fundamentals and food.

The room was hanging off his every word and the sentence that this man of success uttered was:

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This got me thinking actually about the brilliant people I know, the awesome people at TAFE NSW and the truly successful of us out there.

When I started my business; I was quite unhappy (yet motivated in life). I turned that negativity into inspiration and I so love what I do. Everyone asks me about my seemingly ‘infinite’ motivation and the source of it.

The source is exactly what Matt said, I love what I do and that is where the inspiration comes. During this fine event, the food was just fantastic in that you can tell it was certainly prepared ‘with love’ by motivated students who aren’t learning food for the dollars; they are learning it for the passion and love.

My advice? Look at successful people such as Matt Moran and co and you will know they are motivated people with substance, intelligence and a passion for what they do.  Hence these people climb to the top and lead in their industries.

Thank you TAFE NSW, thank you Sarah Hardy for the invite and thank you Matt Moran.

Got me thinking…

P.S. Visit the TAFE Website here. I love their work!