Creating your best Facebook video ever

Pumped with my new video! Touch wood it gets approved soon.

Pumped with my new video! Touch wood it gets approved soon.

As I write this article I have my new video submitted to Facebook. It’s going through the review process and it’s always a wildcard.

You never quite know what is going to happen! Sometimes you get the instant approval and think *phew* and sometimes it can take a day or two. Touch wood it will get approved as I did today what I feel is my best video every for Facebook.

It’s a great location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney CBD and it was a ‘one take wonder’ that seemed to really hit the mark.

Even though it looks like it was easy for me; the truth of the matter is that it was. I have been doing it for so long the words flow with relative ease and strength. BUT the hundreds of videos I have done prior have been very hard! I remember when I first started doing selfie videos – they were awful!

As the years passed and I did more of them, got more polished at speaking and the like; they just got better and better. They are hardly perfect (will they ever be?), but the conversion rates and results have totally gone through the roof.

I am pumped and to me creating a high converting video or FB post for that matter requires lots of understanding, practice and experience that is accumulated over the years.

I feel it’s really getting there and the sales results are supporting it.

My advice and lessons? When it comes to your marketing, creating a great video for FB, post or whatever the case maybe; don’t think your work will ever end. It requires continual updates, works, tweaking and re do’s to get it just right. It’s mastering in it’s own pure right and I bet a year from now, I will make it even better and better.

Go hard, make your updates, do them well and keep improving.

Thanks for the read, stay tuned for my video ad and stay awesome!