Using your SIX SENSE to create powerful marketing

i-love-marketing-and-the-sixth-sense-edward-zia-rocksI know that whenever I bring up the term ‘Six Sense’ and I just asking for everyone to recall easily one of the most iconic lines from Hollywood:

– “I see dead people!”

I remember seeing this film in the late 90’s in the cinemas and I totally loved it and yes – I was proud to pick exactly what happened to Bruce Willis before the big plot twist.

Talking to the serious and our marketing; I have had some clients over the years struggle getting work done.

They are generally the extremely intelligent ‘systems’ people who are trying to turn their marketing into a science and have rules and process for everything. At times they can enter the dangerous ‘loop of perfection’ only to waste time, go around in circles and not get any closer to a solution. Then what happens is what they spend ages to create doesn’t work and they are back to the drawing board.

In once being a technical person myself; I have complete respect for people that get stuck in this position. I certainly did once upon a time and I like to consider elements this way. Marketing is a component / area of effective entrepreneurship and it doesn’t take much reading of Gates, Branson or Trump to know extremely quickly that marketing / business is a science.

Talking more to Trump in his books / videos talking deals he will make continual references to his gut feel, the emotions he feels about a deal and looking at cues far beyond the observable. If you say talk the late Steve Jobs of Apple Fame; he would talk about being able to ‘see into the future’ which is hardly a rational / engineering exercise.

When was in the Government too, you are also taught to understand your ‘sixth sense’. It’s basically the work of your subconscious mind & soul which is doing it’s best to protect you and give you the upper hand. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s your mind telling you that something is up. Equally we can know at times the right path where everything is uncertain and the positive feelings we get from our mind guide us. It’s there helping us and it’s critical we tune into it.

My advice and thinking? Let your feelings / six sense speak to you. Relax, take it easy, meditate, sit back or do whatever works for you and really engage with your feelings. It can give some powerful insights to improve your marketing and beyond that your life.

I like doing this as much as I can to guide my decision making. Feelings combined with facts is a powerful combination giving us the rational plus the ‘unseen truth’ that lurks around us.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please check out the Six Sense (great film) and stay awesome.

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