Upgrading VENUES and Winning, Winning and Winning! (Bravo Aeona!)

Aeona rocks and we are pumped! Watch this space friends. Great venue. Top people.

Aeona rocks and we are pumped! Watch this space friends. Great venue. Top people.

It all started yesterday when I got that email you just don’t want to see. It was from our now old venue saying, “this is it”. Out of their control, they had some mandated renovations forced on them and our time there had come to an end.

They did a good job, however in the back of my mind I was always open to new suggestions. I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted, and I just kept doing my job as best as I can.

A Manager of a wonderful Co-Working Space was watching me closely and he reached out to me. His name is Jari, he is very cool and she shared with me some great photos of his wonderful venue Aeona Co-Working Space.

It had a large capacity, rooftop, they were willing to sponsor us, they loved the size and track record of our Meetup group and they were in the back of my mind.

Then my friends, when I needed them, I picked the phone and he was there! I went through the tour with them today, checked out the venue and it’s a MASSIVE UPGRADE to what I was doing. Why?

–          People are incredible.

–          Great location near Central Sydney Station.

–          Can hold up to 70 people.

–          Great view.

–          NO CHARGE! (Meaning it becomes free to members).

As they aren’t charging me, it allows me to make it FREE to everyone which allows me to reach more people, make it easier for those who are light on the dollars and allows me to further prove my charitable side to the community.

In hindsight, I wish I perhaps checked them out earlier!

My advice and thinking? Keep pushing up your quality and making it better in your venue and events. No venue ever lasts forever, but if you do a great job with one venue, it makes you more attractive to the next.

As I was doing a great job at my older venue (who were great), this impressed Aeona enough to pick us up.

I am pumped till my first event and check out their Facebook Page here. I love their work.

Stay awesome, stay tuned and to a massive 2018!