HOORAY! My Facebook Live is getting me awesome Clients!

My Facebook Live is working and working BIG TIME! Pumped and THANK YOU!

My Facebook Live is working and working BIG TIME! Pumped and THANK YOU!

Hooray! As I write this blog I am very pumped with how my Facebook Live Program is working out. I used to use it here and there with little result and just before Christmas; I decided to develop a program and totally nail it.

It only took a few weeks to already get a few new awesome clients (THANK YOU) into the community and I am really pumped. What got me thinking quite heavily about Facebook Live is that I knew a few (however not many) people who are good at it.

They did some Lives which I thought were quite good, and I just couldn’t handle that. My ego was bruised, and I wanted to get my own part of action. I thought very long and hard (for about 15 minutes), and came up with a program that may be crazy enough to work.

What if I say did a few lives a week at about 7PM? It would be just more of a hangout talking about all the great ideas that I have learned during the day and I could see a massive upside to this play.

My thinking (which was proven true by results) was based on:

–          Running Lives after hours where people are around.

–          Do them consistently. Every night if possible if I am available at 7PM (about 2 out of 3 times).

–          Really interact well and tell my story.

–          Make it interesting and funny.

–          The repetition will get people over the line.

–          Deliver incredible value like someone was paying me to do it.

In a way they are! If I do a great job I get clients as I am doing.

My advice and thinking? For Facebook Live to work, really think it through. Don’t just do a random program, come up with something you can stick to, that you can enough, where people can tune it.

This just worked! Do it for yourself in your own unique way. It rocks!

Thank you for reading this blog, check out my lives and thank you new clients. I appreciate you and love your work!