Promote your events at least ONCE PER DAY!

Posts here and there takes little time, but the hundreds of views all add up!!

Posts here and there takes little time, but the hundreds of views all add up!!

Even though it’s extremely subtle, it’s of critical importance; I love to promote my upcoming events once per day.

Be it a Live Webinar or say Live Sydney Workshop; every day I share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It really helps in that through all platforms I would easily get at least 300 views (without any paid advertising) and it adds up.

What I have found that with promoting events is that people (unless they are BIG fans of you), rarely signup on the first exposure. Especially if they have never met you, they need to see it repeatedly until they think it’s worth the risk.

This makes sense to me on many levels. I would never go to someone’s event unless I had some level of trust for them in that no one wants to have a lame evening. We all want to win big and in this whole experience, I have learned that a great way to fill events is to share them once per day on Social Media.

It’s as simple as sharing a link, doing a short video or even directly inviting people I know it’s great for. Let’s say your event is 2 weeks away. That gives you 14 opportunities to get it out there with some people seeing it multiple times.

It may take people seeing it 10 times until they book in!

My advice and thinking? Don’t worry about people seeing it too often. They just naturally tune out. Share your events frequently so you get more and more people setting you up to win big!

It works, I love it and of course my friends; you are most welcome to my next gathering (message me to learn what’s coming up!).