Why we hold back our own BRILLIANCE!

I took this photo in Byron Bay when I was conquering some BIG FEARS. Love it!

I took this photo in Byron Bay when I was conquering some BIG FEARS. Love it!

I write this blog fresh as I react to one of my very awesome friends who is doing exactly this; holding back their own brilliance.

I already messaged them and let them know, but before you think I am being preachy; I can assure that I have held myself back many times to my own detriment.

For us as wonderful entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners, our mindset and belief in ourselves is a critical part of our own success.

If we aren’t putting in 100% of ourselves into what we do, fear kicks in, we rationalise that fear (e.g. I am too busy to go to that event) and what happens is that we end up putting in less than our competition.

Days go by, weeks do by, we lose great opportunities and it was all because of ourselves.

Believe me, I have been there and gone through this myself and here is the reason why we hold back our own brilliance:

–          FEAR!

Yes, good old fear from our reptile minds. This can manifest its way in many forms of course including not believing we can do, not feeling worthy, worried about how people will judge us and of course my favourite; if we fail and done our best, what does that make us? (was a big one for me).

My advice and thinking? The sooner you admit you are just scared and fearful is the sooner you can stop justifying it and move on.  You can take those fears head on and win.

Let’s say you are terrified of public speaking. That’s cool. Admit it. Get a coach or whatever. Then do it. Fear conquered. Life better

That is the way it works.

Friends, do it. TAKE ACTION and love your work!

P.S. To my wonderful friend you are incredible. You don’t need to hold yourself back anymore. Do it and win. You rock.