You will never get your messages perfect - just go for excellent! (Image Credit - Vault Boy + Bethesda Softworks)

You will never get your messages perfect – just go for excellent! (Image Credit – Vault Boy + Bethesda Softworks)

“Perfection” is a very interesting word and term in itself. Without looking it up online and giving a “Street Definition” of what I find people tend to believe, it’s usually quite a positive word.

For example, I had a perfect dessert, the weather is just perfect and my burger was just perfect – these are completely healthy lines and common expressions (all for that).

Where I am clamping down on perfection is especially that in marketing. Marketing by it’s pure definition is an “Artform” and not a “Science” (but make no mistake, you stuff it up & no business) – and in this area you can never be perfect.

Regardless of any Facebook Post, Newsletter, Elevator Pitch, Product Launch, Press Release or whatever – there is no right answer to it.

You just can’t come in and get it perfect and anyone can easily say something “Post Event” saying how it can be improved and the like.

This is the reality of Marketing and I learned this very well as a younger Marketing Manager right through to my Executive Level Corporate Days. Where perfection becomes an issue, is that someone tries to create the ultimate Post, Pitch or Angle that will just be perfect.

It’s like trying to paint the perfect painting and it’s never going to happen. You can do an excellence job (which I highly advise), however it will only be say 90% at best regardless of what you release.

When you get people caught up in the “Technical / Perfection” cycle it can be very hard for awesome small business person. I met someone great the other day that had trouble using Facebook in her own words “I just can’t get it perfect”. As she was stuck in this cycle, she was positing nothing on her page and her awesome business was getting no traction or exposure.

My advice and thinking on this one? Don’t get caught up in this thinking and if you are – be nice to yourself and take a “Chill Pill”. You are doing a great job and just do the best you can on getting our your posts, emails, pitches at networking events or whatever you are doing. Go for excellent and keep pumping them out. You will never get it perfect, but I can promise that if you are getting out great messages all the time – they will improve and you may even feel that you are “Getting it Perfect” one day.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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