Facebook Video Marketing - It's just Awesome!

Facebook Video Marketing – It’s just Awesome! (Image Credit: The Awesome Vault Boy, Fallout & Bethesda Softworks)

Over the last few months I have been putting more and more energy into my work with Video Marketing on FB. I originally ‘played’ with it using it here and there whilst favoring more direct links to websites (be it a Lead Page for Webinar signup on my website).

With my own research and some early promising results, I found that Video was really taking off and clearly was the way forward for me and my future on the Facebook Social Media Platform.

Over time with testing, feedback and results – all the feedback has come in basically this answer:

– Video Marketing (with Links) is generally better than Links Alone!

I still use Links alone mostly for warm audiences and particular events, however I find that Video is just the best technique for building trust as quickly as possible – then people decide to click a link.

I have found in short that the way it works is basically how much people are primed before visiting your website or webinar sign up page. If they just ‘Click On It’ – I find the results can be really poor with high bounces. That is, let’s say they see an ad – just click it for the heck of it, they aren’t really vested in what is going on / what they are seeing.

On the other hand, let’s say that they have watched a video first and then they click it – much better! My take is that let’s say they didn’t like me. They would just stop watching and move on.

But let’s say they do like me, watched the video and thought “Yes” this looks great and I’m in. They would then go to the link much more likely to take some sort of action and do something really cool.

Most of my FB Marketing are now videos and I love it! There are going to be more to come as it’s just purely rocked.

My advice and thinking on this one? Don’t just dump your Direct Link Advertising (as it may be great), but start testing more video. I bet you will get lots of positive results. As it takes off, do more and more of it and watch your sales and conversion grow.

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome!



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