Creative ideas are where future profits start!

Creative ideas are where future profits start!

With 2015 coming to a close and the new 2016 upon us, for me it’s been a great one of working with tons of new awesome clients and working on my own Business & Marketing Plan for next year.

For many of us and myself, it’s been a process of looking at key areas of our business and coming up with new ideas. This has included everything from looking at my offerings, revising my marketing strategies and cutting what hasn’t worked + investing in new awesome concepts.

The pressure and focus I have found is really coming up with creative new ideas that are likely to stick. What I mean by stick is that people love it, it get’s shared (let’s say on Social Media) and the most critical part – it leads to sales.

It’s been a journey for me lately in getting away from the office, working “on” the business and thinking up clever new ideas that are likely to work. To share some notes with you, some great ideas / changes I have made lately (that are already working):

– Upgrade Business Networking: Move on from the smaller breakfast clubs and focus on high level Chamber events. Bigger businesses and it’s been great.

– Facebook Video: This has rocked and it’s been a pleasure upgrading to Video on Facebook. Pumping these out all the time has been just a fine idea.

– Speaking at Bigger Events: I have always spoken at events and now it’s getting just that bit better. Speaking at bigger events has just rocked and I have loved it.

– Running Partner Events: Basically this means I donate my time and intellectual property and someone pays for and runs and event – awesome!

From all these ideas, I have reflected hard on all this to come up with great things from really getting my creative juices flowing.

My advice and thinking? Creativity at all levels is important in business. Same old doesn’t make money – so one needs to have their head in the market to come up with great ideas. Spend time outside of your business and “Work on it” so you improve and evolve.

Love your work, thanks for the read, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault if you need a hand – and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Love your sharing! “Creativity at all levels is important in business.” How true! I still remember when I first hired you as my business coach, I appreciated your creativity more than anything else! Not that you not good at marketing and strategies though 🙂

    Please keep sharing so that many more business owners or ‘business-owner-to-be’s can have more confidence to lead with their unique talent and creativity.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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